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Brainnovation helps people in the UAE, specifically in Dubai using our Brain Training Program. BrainRx training strengthens the core skills the brain uses to think, learn, read, remember, reason, pay attention, and solve problems—mental processes we use every day, in every area of life.

Clients of all ages come to us seeking the kinds of life changing improvements that come with faster, better cognitive performance. And while we don’t diagnose or treat medical conditions, our programs have improved the cognitive performance of clients with a variety of diagnoses and struggles, including the following:

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Attention and ADHD

Attention struggles make it harder to keep up in class or on the job, complete tasks or assignments, follow instructions, feel confident, juggle the demands of life, and even drive safely. The good news is that attention is a skill that can be trained and strengthened.

Dyslexia and Reading Struggles

Studies show that weak cognitive skills are at the root of 85% of all reading struggles! This is why interventions—like one-on-one brain training—that strengthen auditory processing and other cognitive skills get such tremendous results.

Learning Disabilities

The brain uses a core set of skills to think and learn. These skills include attention, memory, auditory processing, visual processing, logic & reasoning, and overall processing speed—and if even one of these skills are weak, it can hinder thinking, learning, reading, remembering, paying attention, and more.


Brainnovation programs are particularly great for kids and adults on the spectrum. Why? Brainnovation brain training sessions are structured and rewarding. Plus, the one-on-one nature of the coaching relationship allows each mental workout to be customized to the unique needs, abilities, and goals of every client.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Many victims of traumatic brain injuries (TBI) experience changes in cognitive performance, leaving victims and their families struggling with what to do next. Brainnovation brain training targets and improves cognitive performance regardless of diagnosis, so the impact can be life changing.

Struggling Kids

Let’s face it, when cognitive skills (like attention, memory, and processing speed) are weak, life is harder than it needs to be. When kids struggle in school and life, it’s imperative to find out if weak cognitive skills are at the root of the problem. Because if they are, those weak skills can be strengthened.

Adult Cognitive Performance

Did you know that the brain is never too old to change? While one-on-one brain training is a popular intervention for children and teens who are struggling with learning or schoolwork, a growing number of adults are discovering the benefits of brain training

We call it brain training. Our clients (and their families) call it life changing.

Find out if cognitive training can make life easier for you or someone you love.

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