Train Your Brain to Cope with The COVID-19 Crisis

Brainnovation brings you a unique 1:1 personalized ONLINE brain fitness program accessible from the comfort of your home during the COVID-19 crisis and social distancing.

Sharp functioning of the brain is one of the most important resilience factors.

In the time of COVID-19 crisis, we need our brains equipped to cope with challenges.

Brainnovation online brain training programs build resilience in children and adults of all ages to handle the COVID-19 crisis and self-quarantine through:

  • Increasing capacity to cope with uncertainty
  • Improving the ability to process and integrate new information
  • Enhancing memory and problem-solving skills
  • Promoting skills for self-awareness
  • Reducing distractibility to help manage distractions
  • Improving concentration to boost academic or work performance
  • Transforming the attitude towards challenges
  • Encouraging clients to work past their comfort levels
  • Developing mental strategies to effectively cope and learn from challenges

Brainnovation’s life-changing programaddress the core mental skills we need to employ to push through these difficult times.

Why are these skills so important NOW?

In times of uncertainty, anxiety can take precedence over critical thinking.
Strained by the circumstances of self-quarantine and overstimulated by the media we can find ourselves confused or exhausted, lacking the capacity to employ creativity or increase productivity while working or learning, or to regain calm and composure during our time off.
This applies to children and adults, but families as a whole too.

  • The uncertainty of the crisis makes it hard to anticipate the outcomes and disrupts our ability to act in alignment with our predictions. Uncertainty thus results in anxiety1. Anxiety channelizes our attention to aversive stimuli and reduces our capacities to think creatively and do more complex problem-solving.
  • In the light of COVID-19, the enormous volume of health information available on the internet cause information overload for many online information seekers. The inability to locate, process and manage health information harms psychological well-being2.
  • We are being over-stimulated by the media with frequents updates about the COVID-19. Our shifting from one media source to the other (media-multitasking) correlates with negative effects on executive functioning – attention, memory and cognitive flexibility3.
  • The stress of merging work and home, individual and family time, relaxation and productivity is affecting the way we process information. We need to be able to shift from focus to relaxation, from structure to the lack of it, from decision-making to brainstorming solutions.
  • The lack of change in the environment during self-quarantine can make us feel depleted. We need the novelty and stimulation to awaken the networks we use to adapt to the changing environments.
  • Being at home in self-quarantine, both children and adults are tempted to spend more passive screen time for entertainment which can negatively our brain structure and development4.
  • Self-quarantine requires a capacity to re-invent daily routines. We need to actively engage our cognitive processes to think of solutions to adapt to the “new normal” in this indefinite period.
  • The stress hormones negatively impact memory. The more stressed out we are the more likely we are to experience difficulty remembering information5.

What are the challenges during the COVID-19 crisis that this program can help with?

Challenges in children the training can help with:

  • Lack of intellectual stimulation at home
  • Decrease in the attention span for learning and play
  • Boredom and mental rigidity
  • Anxiety inhibiting capacity to think creatively
  • Low impulse-control
  • Difficulty organizing time in self-quarantine
  • Lack of valuable social interaction
  • Challenges in finding purposeful entertainment
  • Too much time spent unproductively in front of the screens

Challenges in adults the training can help with:

  • Poor concentration for work at home
  • Difficulty processing the overwhelming flow of information
  • Anxiety polluting the capacity to think clearly
  • Brain fatigue and confusion due to information overload
  • Challenges with structuring time in self-quarantine
  • Distractibility and restlessness
  • Lack of creative capacity to adjust to challenges


Do I have to have a challenge to find the program useful?


This program is also extremely useful for children, individuals, and families looking to enhance their current skills and realize their potential. The brain is an inexhaustible resource and we can help you discover its hidden powers!

How does Brainnovation Brain Fitness Program work?

The program is:

  • Personalized to match your unique needs
  • Engaging and entertaining and
  • Available ONLINE from the comfort of your home!

The program consists of intense mental exercises that affect how the brain grasps and uses incoming information. The exercises are conducted 1 on 1 with your personal trainer through an online platform.

Brainnovation’s brain workouts are game-like which makes them enjoyable and the rewarding comes from fast-pace improvements.

What does the process look like?

  1. COGNITIVE SKILLS ASSESSMENT – We meet you where you are!

Purpose: to identify your unique cognitive skills strengths and weaknesses so we can customize our program to ensure the best results possible

  1. CONSULTATION – We share powerful insights about your brain with you!

Purpose: to describe and explain ways your unique cognitive skills strengths and weaknesses shape your diverse experience.

  1. ONE-ON-ONE ONLINE BRAIN TRAINING – We unlock and enhance your brain potential!

Purpose: to strengthen your weak cognitive skills with intense mental exercise and produce real-life tangible and measurable effects.

How do I start?

The first step is to call Brainnovation center and schedule an initial brain skills Assessment. The Assessment takes about an hour and is very reasonably priced.

It will give you a world of information about cognitive strengths and weaknesses, as well as insights into the next best step.

Ready to get started?

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